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     Artistic Metals LLC is a small company consisting of a husband and wife team and one helper.  The owner, Brian Lawrence, has worked with interior designers for almost twenty years. In that time he has honed his unique sense of style and combined it with his skills working with metal, glass, and wood. He is also a jack of all trades; not only can he create distinct pieces in metal, but he can refinish furniture, create a serene patio backyard, install fixtures, and generally make himself indispensable to interior designers and private clients as well.  And while not working with clients, he enjoys cruising around in his labor of love...his '58 VW bus.

     His wife, Jennifer, while an artist in her own right, focuses her energy on the more mundane aspects of running a small business. She handles the paperwork so Brian can focus on the projects. She still manages to find time to paint while doing invoicing and working as a full-time teacher.

     They live in Roanoke, Virginia, with their busy, crowded multi-generational family including their three children, one older parent, one very young half-brother, and one blue fish.

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